Is Gimkit STILL having problems with Live Games and Assignments!?

It’s been 10 hours and gimkit still says some wise use of words:

What’s weird is i played dig it up recently to grind XP, and it was doing fine. But when i was starting to play Don’t Look Down, it says the network is blocking connection to the game servers.

Update: Gimkit’s down, i guess.

Update 2: Gimkit says more wise words.

It now looks like everything BUT 2D gamemodes are okay.

Just be patient and wait.

Anyone know if this is going to be fixed soon? It’s been happening to me for two days and I was planning on having friends over today to test my map. I might have to cancel if it doesn’t get fixed…

for me it says the servers are down, so just gimkit :frowning:

Did you read the Gimkit News?

We don’t know how long it’s going to take unless a mod comes on and tells us the status.

this happens to me quite a bit. I just close and reopen the tab and it works for me

is it when you go to your own creative map or if you j0in like dont look down?

Dude its everything. Have you looked at what I said?

this is what see

no i can go in my creative map. it doesn’t say anything when i j0in my creative map.

It does for me and I’m not on a school device or wifi. It worked an hour ago, but now it doesn’t.

I cannot. Mine says, as this forum post would say, “Wise words.”

The DNS issue a while back was fixed in a couple hours, but 10!?!?!? What is happening behind the scenes?

Gimkit was working for me 5 mins ago, and now when I reload the page it shows me this too

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welcome to the forums, @Jeongguk !!!



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