Is gimkit season ticket a good thing to buy?

I was thinking about buying the season ticket i bought it and i guess its good? but what are your thoughts?

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Uh if you wanna buy it sure, it includes gims, platformer maps, and a few more things like larger limits like more maps and people in a game.

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This is off topic please delete it but its a very good deal


I don’t think I’ll buy this one because its not the best in my opinion. But overall i think its cool

I don’t think your supposed to, but you can also just use another account to get more maps. I have not gotten the season ticket, but it gives you gims you can’t get elsewhere.

This is off topic please read the rules

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I agree with @GimNo0b that this is off-topic, but I think the season ticket is a good thing to buy if you’re into GKC.

You should buy it. I think it’s great and you get to brag to your friends!

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