Is cosmetics starting again tonight?!

@here_to_help is it true that shops are restarting tonight??

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Yes, it is.
Please move this to Help, not Community Made Guides. It’s coming out tomorrow.
(extra: They’re adding a season pass and more gim animations :slight_smile:)

like at 7 or tommorow like wednesday?

It’s restarting tomorrow at 7 AM EST.

ok on wednesday GOTCHAA
thx man!

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No, but according to some people, they said in the Gimkit Discord, josh said there will be a season and a season pass.

Welcome to the forum! This is what the main season pass gim will be:


It was on the gimkit discord. I also found it on the gimkit fandom wiki.

Although i think the season starts next year… Because they put “2024” in their season pass.

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Let’s goooooo. Time to use my 3K gimbucks, though nothing surpasses the vortex agent…

Although in the future, the season ticket might cause to be more expensive…

This is incorrect info due to timezone mistranslation. The shop will open at 2 pm EST tommorow.

Season 1 starts tomorrow, and will last until November 29th i believe

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