Is asking for a collab breaking the code of conduct?

so i wanted to do a collab post to see if anyone wants help with their map (obviously not posting codes) but idk if thats breaking the code of conduct

I don’t think so judging by how there is a collab tag. If you want to collab more efficiently go somewhere like the wixite or GCC, because here it would cause clutter and other things.

I think the collab tag is for guides, like people joining their game on another website and they both work on the guide.

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…but posting here is so much faster for a collab but then again takis dude might be right

True, but if you post things about collabs and sharing codes and working on maps and stuff it could get flagged and cause clutter.

50/50 might get flagged

see ya later ecaps ending


Remember to mark a solution to avoid flags and clutter!

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