Is an Off-Topic Post (someone bumped it 🤦)

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this is not a guide, nor related to help on gkc. please delete this.

you joined on September 7. you should know the rules by now.

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good for you?
how is this related to gkc?

ye u will get flagged for this more than likely delete it (Mark solution)

besides that’s what every map that’s “IMPOSSIBLE” says

Week I couldn’t find a category for this! Some of you aren’t nice. Not cool!

So plz mark solution

womp womp like he/she said u know the rules

It won’t delete! Why?

Because people have replied to this topic.
You can switch this topic to devices and mark a solution.

just put mark solution on this reply (check mark)

Di you flag it? I was trying to delet it!!!

its a guide, you cant mark a solution. it needs to be in devices.

Not cool. Not. Coool. :expressionless:

Ah well the point is @MAD_Dragon_3.0 u need to stop u know the rules

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can a tl3 please move this to Devices and change the title?


what was the post about? I’m curious

It’s just an image

Beat It I think unless this one’s the impossible one that has nothing to do at the farthest you can go


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