Invisible lasers

does anyone know how to make lasers invisible

make them black, set start and end point to not visible.

I think there’s an option to make them not seen in game.

Also there’s a setting to make the laser ends invisible and the laser dot line not show

I said it first :frowning: I want a solution, @NavyCatZ has to many

Yeah one of the other two can have it

whaa? i said it first. Anyways, its not a competition.

I make everything a competition! I am a Pokemon for that matter, I live for competition! (im not actually a pokemon)

I think I said the end point one (in full description) first, which was what they were looking for. You edited your comment later.

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yea, true.

I said practically what you said, that there’s a option to make them not seen, so I should get it then!

dang, chill out.

there you go fiukghvfg yubrefvhgc

You can put letters in <> to make them invisible

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you can bypass the char limit by putting gibberish in this<>

You did.

I never said anything about me not getting it

we can just look at the orange pencil lol.

What orange pencil?:roll_eyes:

other people can see what you wrote even if you delete it @shinyrowlet.
just click the orange pencil