Invisible counter

I need help making a counter invisible in the middle of the game. does anyone have any ideas?

you could put a barrier over it

Just go to counter settings and pick not visible in the game.
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edit: nvm gimme a sec

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but he wants to change it in the middle of the game

i want to make a counter be invisible when it gets to a the target value

yea i jst realized that

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try putting like a prop/invis barrier over it.

You could try putting an invisible barrier with no collision that is on a higher layer level than the counter.

  1. don’t use a counter for this use text and block code (well technically you do need the counter just not for visuals)
  2. property :0
  3. I’m not explaining the entire process of this cuz I’m being lazy rn

settings > all options > visible in game > no

it has to change halfway through the game

wait what do u mean?

You could just have a timer that emits a broadcast on a channel. Once it is broadcasted, it could be uncovered by a prop, or if you really want to, teleport everyone to an identical place. Of course, this would be difficult. It’s a shame you can’t hide devices.

I will elaborate on what Blackfox said. Connect a counter to a property (name it whatever u want) through the counter settings. Get a text device and go to blocks. On wire pulse, set text to get property “your property.” Do a trigger loop connected to the text. (trigger Triggered → run wire pulse block)

Trigger Loop

Get 2 triggers. Wire them so that they constantly trigger each other (Trigger triggered → Trigger Trigger) x2.

Get 2 lifecycles and connect one to a repeater (event happens → start repeater). Connect the repeater to the counter (repeats task → increment counter).
Lastly, connect the counter to the text (target value reached → hide text).
This will vary based on what game you are making.

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JSYK what I said for the solution. For the visibility make it so that when an event happens in the middle of the game it triggers somethings that makes the text deactivate/disappear

You could make a fake counter with barrier art and text display a property, then, hide the text and barrier art.

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