Inventory Space HELP

In a game i am making with my friend it starts you out with space for 3 items in your inventory (like 3 weapons) is there a way to make a backpack upgrade so that you can hold like 5 weapons?

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Go to map options, click items, and then set your inventory slots to whatever you want.

Does it work? If so, then make sure to mark a solution!

Wire a Vending Machine to Activate an IIM (Inventory Item Manager) with a higher limit of a specific item.
(You should have two IIM’s btw, one active on game start and one for the upgrade)

Don’t forget to mark a solution if it worked, @nernandez!

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@Haiasi It doesn’t work because the iim keeps track of a certain item and there are different weapons of different rarities so the upgrade needs to give more slots down here (the image)

Oh, that.
You can’t modify the amount of inventory slots you have in-game.

You can only set it once using the map options.
Hopefully they add it though, you can suggest at

Gadgets are… special.
One gadget takes up one inventory slot and you can’t change the limit using an IIM

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