Inventory property issues

So I have this property named “# upgrades”, and I have an overlay setting itself to the property every .1 second. The property is in an inventory item manager, with the item being dark green seeds. If I look at the property in the overlay, it says it is equal to 4. However, when I check my inventory, it says I have no dark green seeds. What is happening?
Overlay: image
My inventory: image

Can you show the whole system for it?

if you're adding properties...

if you’re adding numbers in a property, it’s like:
instead of doing:
because computers are dumb programmed like that, ig


make sure the scopes are player and the property names are correct. also change the update to 0.5 seconds


I get a dark green seed whenever I knock out a sentry. However, if I knock out a sentry, and then die, this bug happens. Whenever I knock out a sentry while the bug is happening, I don’t get a seed but the property goes up.

This is definitely not clay-institute lol
Sounds like a bug in your code, not in the game (though certain blocks have broken things before!)
I second what eiqcr- I’m not typing that out… cursor guy said. That’s something to check out. Can you send all the systems relevant?


Yeah, but it may take a while. I have a custom xp system, an upgrade menu, and death mechanics. I will have the pictures by at the latest tomorrow.

I think I need more information to help.

Sorry, it will take me too long to get the photos, if you want to join my map you can contact me with the email in my bio.

How did you write J0in without a 0?