Intreact button is broken somehow?!

so i was just helping @VHS_Sans and this occured

the quesitoner won’t let me or @VHS_Sans answer questions! what should we do?

btw this is not my map it @VHS_Sans map

what do you mean by broken.

wait sorry i know, your interact button isnt working

yup @LegendaryAceX it not working and only the starting inventory worked but i don’t think i can or @VHS_Sans can intreact with other stuff

has he set it so people can interact with stuff

wait now i think about it idk? he set my permission to where i can edit and delete and stuff but he can’t intreact either too!

how does that work ??? :confused:

i was able to get in his gimkit creative match (when i got on i couldn’t do anything because he didn’t set my permission to edit delete and stuff but he fixed all that and i was able to edit delete and intreact)

There is no permission for interacting with stuff.

hm then thats odd it could just be a glitch

yeah i agree if there no permission for interacting then it was differently a giltch or bug

if ur using a barrier it might be that the barrier is blocking the questioner 50/50

could be i remember this one and tell him when he online.

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