Intergate Score and Copy for Both Teams

Can you help me integrate the score and how to copy for both teams and also have it so if someone has all members on one team the win

potato1 or samalomlom?

That wither guy


so to copy it for both teams, you make sure that your original is only counting team one by adding a wire repeater set to team one right after the relay

then you copy that entire mechanism by highlighting it and hitting ‘c’

change the wire repeater to team 2

then make sure the property in the mechanism has a scope of team

wire a game start relay to triggerloop [trigger with a .1 second delay wired to a trigger wired to the first trigger] wired to a checker. set the checker to check for the property equaling 0. wire the checker to an end game

go to game options, leaderboard tab, and set the score to ‘property’. make the property that is tracked the property from the player counter.

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What do i put in score property

The score property is the property from the player counter, the number of players on a team.

How would i put that n

go to the counter [make sure it has a scope of team], go to the ‘property’ tab of the counter, and set it to update a property.

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Yes, and I would be happy to help.

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