Instant Reload for 1 Player?

It am making a battle royale Gimkit and was wondering if it was possible to make instant reloads for a single player that pushes a button.

Sadly @FunkyGoat101 that is not possible, because it is a map setting and there is nothing u can do.
do u need help with anything else?

Are there any other powerups for me to add besides speed and damage?

umm u can add medic…

u can do Clown where he makes all the ppl open up a pop-up except for him

It there a way to add auto-healing and shield regeneration from a button push?

yea!! u can even make it as there power

What devices would I need to do that

ok so u want it for a specific player or a specific team right?

For a specific player

ok but since its a battle royal its a specific team cuz there is like 60 teams

is it on game start they get the power?

No, at a button press

ok so the stuff u will need:

  1. Button
  2. Repeter
  3. health granter

Ok, I have the stuff.

for the repeter make it

and for the health granter put
and the amount want to grant per second

And Now Wire it!

Perfect, thanks so much!

Happy To Help!!
U Need anything else??