Insert images in gimkit

Can someone tell me how to insert the Manchester City F.C. and
Inter Miami CF Soccer team logo into gimkit.`

delete the space after mancity maybe (did you copy-paste it into the post exactly?)
oh wait into GKC? sorry you can’t do that (yet)
You can put images into the thumbnail tho

Are you trying to make that the thumbnail? It’s currently impossible to insert anything except icons into the actual game if that’s what you mean

i want to make it so in my soccer map i can put the logo on the goal

Can I see an image of them? the soccer team logos?
also welcome to the forums!

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You can put emojis in text boxes if that helps

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that looks hard… maybe…
Use a circle barrier, shield prop, and text for the first one…
Sorry I got to go, so I can’t give pictures.

thats ok meat you next time

Welcome to the forums, @gimkitsportsmaps!
Sadly, you cannot import custom images to gimkit creative. Sorry for the inconvenience. Although, you can import premade Gimkit images for vending machines and popups here:

or you can use the item image device.

hope this helps, @gimkitsportsmaps!

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Ok i’m back. For blackjack, this is a simple logo so it should be easy to make it in GKC using barrier/prop art.

It might. Just giving some other options :)

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thanks you guys now i can be one step closer to finishing my map

Sorry I gtg again…

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i will use it but i need a short guide to make it
i am new so i cant figherthigs out from just a photo sorry :slightly_frowning_face:

this is possible using emojis or braille art. but @chunky’s way is better in this scenario

yea I need to go in 10 minutes…
So what you do is you have a large circle barrier, colored blue, with border disabled.
Now you have a smaller white circle barrier with border disabled, layered on top of the blue one.
Now get an even smaller light blue circle barrier, with border enabled, layered on top of the white one.
Now copy the light blue barrier, and disable its border.
Make that smaller. Put it to the left of the center. Copy this, and put that to the right.
Now, grab a text device and make it say “MAN”. Turn that and put it on the white space. Make another text device and make it say “CHES”. Place that on the top. Now make another text device that says “TER” and turn and place that to the right of “CHES”.
Now make a text device that says “CITY” and put that at the bottom.
(layer the text devices!)
Finally, grab a shield, and layer it on top.

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