Insane lag: PLEASE HELP

I have a game (or course), and it’s not even at 75 memory, but it starts to lag a TON, there is a 2-5 second delay when i’m pressing a button before something happens. Making the game is basicly impossible. My internet is Strong. I have a lot of mechanics, but my memory isn’t that high. If I sign out, the game runs smoothly for 1-2.5 minutes, then, it starts lagging.

My game is at 30% memory, and every time I go near a 4x10 array of triggers, my game lags. It also randomly crashes.

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Um im not sure if there is much we can really do to help, it just seems like you are overloading your device. Maybe try and spread out all the mechanics into different areas of the map so it is not as laggy. But honestly i’m not sure that will work all that well. And getrithekd, that’s weird.


I’m going to test that

Yeah, let me know if it works because it works on other creator apps, so it might work on here.


maybe close out osome tabs and also make sure you dont have anything that would normally make you lag running

That kind-of worked, thanks!

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W @WolfTechnology he saves the day once again


No problem, glad it worked.


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