In-game chat system: Difficulty undecided. a WIP

What should people be able to say with my in-game chat? So far I have, Hi!, Welcome!, Follow me! Come here, can somebody help me?, we’re winning!, we’re losing :frowning: , yes!, no!, I’m at low health!.

Any ideas of other messages i should add, or sections of messages?

Okay cool, why is this in community made guides?

How about “incoming enemies!”

its in guides because im making a guide for this. incoming enemies is a great idea

How about I got to go?

Or on my way?

Also maybe just “ok”

“I’ll help!”

thanks for the help. ill post this as a complete guide with screenshots and everything soon

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How about I need help.

Do you need help with something or are you suggesting a statement?

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I’m suggesting a statement

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