Imposter in Among Us

ideas for how to kill players in amung us

Knock them out, tag them there are many

Tag, weapon, or on screen button, here is a guide you can use;


because they are all on different teams tag zones are… difficult

Does it set the imposter to a certain team? Like 1, team 2

The imposter is on a random team because of the way i did voting

Couldn’t you just switch them to team 2 instead of a random team? Also, thanks for putting the question in the body of the post!

To make the imposter, they MUSt be on a different team than the crew, always.

team 1-5 as are the crewmates

Ok. So you grant the impostor an item when you switch their team. Next, you should take away all their ammo. In the map settings, make it so that you have to have ammo to shoot and set all players to 1 health. Now, make the overlay grant just one ammo.

that’s exactly what i have but i am looking for other possible solutions because i have been having some aiming glitches.

What do you mean aiming glitches?

Please mark a solution

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