Important Forum PSA's

Thank you a lot.I don’t want to get flagged for asking about this either!

how to use discobot:
really not important because this forum is for gimkit creative and discobot is not neccessary at all for anything

tips and tricks for navigating the forum:
okay good

yes very important

how to appropriately flag:
werent there like a million of those psas

whhat is liked/dislicked:
bruh not important at all

dont run for help:

making help easier:
ok ig

reasons to mark ur post as solution:
not important at all tbh
i mean, i get it that people should get the marked solutions they deserve, but does how many solutions you have really matter? like, at all?

how to make a guide:
just look at other guides bro ;-;

always search before asking help:
ok but kinda the same as making help easier


if thats true, shouldn’t it list which ones arent important?

The ones about don’t do this, when there is 3 others on the same topic, or how to make a poll, or how to link a post, important, but not needed.

we really don’t need any forum psas at all

all we need is
“click on the tabs on the left side of the screen to navigate around categories”

pretty much everything else on the forum is either not neccessary (e.g. formatting, tags), or labeled, or self explanatory

seriously, give me one forum psa that is actually needed
(or just any non self-explanatory forum feature that is neccessary and isn’t just navigating through categories)

@CringeKarlScott Let me just say this, jeffo said to keep some, but not all. look at this for proof. This is why, no other reason, and I try to help him were i can because he is extremly busy.

see, there is your answer, and if he wishes to take this down he can, he tracks a lot of what i do, so he will see this for sure, but thses guides are fine, I wish not to argue, it ruins my reputation and can cause uneccessary drama.

Eh, I still think that “Welcome to the Forums!” guide needs more credit, because it basically covers all the information in a lot of these “useful” PSAs in less than a page.

I had a guide on using the draft button but now I can’t find it. It isn’t even in my profile anymore.

Um, @WolfTechnology, some of these links don’t work.

I’m going to make a backup for this.


Yeah this is a very old guide and some of the guides no longer exist, so i will have to update it.


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also bump this guide it seems like we need it more now

yeah some of the guides on it got archieved so it was left alone.

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ye I couldn’t find the trust levels guide for one of the device duplicate we have to make a new one or smth

we have one you need a direct like but i can make a new one if you want.

please do make a new one it easier to find it on the forum because the old one was deleted or archived

and also the guide about know when to flag couldn’t find that one either.

OMG why are all of my guides getting flagged as SPAM?