Imagine being jealous of somebody's art and attacking them

This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

ok good for you

You have proven your point.

Bro you gotta stop, this is going to be the 2nd post of yours flagged today you’re gonna get banned

Im not going to be the one to flag it tho

see more haters see you later

I already flagged this. :black_flag: It’s just gonna turn into a flame war if anyone responds, so no one respond.

This guy needs to get suspended…

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how do you flag something?

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go message the mods.

Press more on the left hand side, then groups. Do what seems fit to you.

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Don’t respond. Seriously.

If you respond again, @WontonSoup, I’ll be forced to flag you and you could risk getting banned, so don’t reply.

@wingwave, can you report this to the mods? They never respond to me, so I figure it’ll work better if you do it.

I’m actually so annoyed right now.

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Guys, I said this before. He. Is. A. Troll. Stop getting upset and try to flag him and message the moderators.



or just message jeff since according to wolf he quick to respond

I sended the emoji because this is the 2nd time

Why couldn’t you not post on this? You just bumped this hateful topic.

Also, imagine attacking on the person just because you’re jealous of their art :skull:
They’re just looking for attention, ignore them.

There a ban speedrunner let this close.