I'm working on a zombie game. i need ideas and help

this is for a school project.
it’s gonna be a zombie survival game. where 5 players are randomly chosen as zombies and can infect players. the starter zombies have very special abilities that survivors need to be careful of. players can answer questions to get cash, and use cash to purchase weapons or health

incase you didn’t know. this game is HEAVILY inspired by zombie survival games like left 4 dead 2 and cod zombies

IDEAS: do whatever you want. add any idea you want. next

HELP: i have just recently started working on a zombie called the “freezer”, it’s a zombie which uses the freeze tag system from @Thats_Gimpossible instead of the normal tag system. and i’m trying to make it so that if the frozen person isn’t tagged in time. they’re unfrozen and switched to the other team. and i want to do this without it activating the tag system instead of the freeze system “not both too”

i also have a special zombie named the “mutator,” which is a zombie which gets speed and damage boosts everytime they damage someone.

i also need help trying to build a map. it’s gonna be a labratory in a forest. and there’s gonna be a bunch of puzzles and tricks trying to escape the place.

that’s all i really need. i’ll update you guys if i need more help

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The most I can find, it this guide, but let me know if you need more help.


Hi! I have an idea in mind for that. The only problem is that my freeze tag doesn’t use teams…