I'm unsure if this is normal

So whenever I go to Gimkit, my network is being blocked but then I reload the page. Does that mean Gimkit might be a potential block for me or is it just Gimkit lagging/glitching out.

Hmm, well, (assuming u haven’t broken any rules) might be

  1. Internet connection
  2. Ur device problem
  3. Just reload try again?

I think it would be that u were lagging, this happens a lot, cuz of all the code in gimkit

Well weather in my time zone has been horrible so I guess something with the power cables?

Hm, might be, 4 me, it was raining quite a bit, maybe try again tmr?

(Btw if u found ur solution, just press the , ty!)

It may be both, It may be none. I’m not sure, but I would contact hello@gimkit.com.

Well when hackerEHM one of my friends got banned, they received an email bout it, so im pretty sure it isn’t cuz they broke a rule…

No, you could get in touch with them and tell them about your problems and maybe they can fix it.

I think it’s just my laptop itself as of it being a very poor laptop running with 8 RAM rather it being a low gen Processer. But anyways I’m getting off-topic here.

Well, do u have a solution?

@THEHACKER120 1. sorry im not online cuz i had ballet recital and the hair gel made me so itchy 2. bet 3. just y AGAIN??? ur gonna delte ur own acc 567890x

If you are using school wifi, this happens a lot. Just try again.

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