Im trying to make an anonymous

so yeah, im making and anonymous game and its horror
anyone have any clue how to make the properties work? I haven’t done this kind of thing in a while, but Im using a tracked amount of properties on my leaderboard and when I try to make something add one, it wont work. I do know someone can help me, so can one of you be that someone :face_holding_back_tears: btw I checked the search and couldn’t find anything to support e just to let you know

What do you mean by “add one”? You mean increase the property? And what is this property tracking?

so do you know the lead board options and where it says you have to add something such as knockouts, amount on a specific team, or property? that’s what I put, property.

And, you have the property device for the property, right? (also why is there an ideas tag?)

sorry, I thought this was for something different and it became a draft let me fix it