I'm Trying to make a Dead By "Gimkit/Daylight" (Bold Is What I Need Help With)

I’m Trying to make a Dead By “Gimkit” (Daylight) And Was Wanting to Make The Hunter Wait A Few Seconds to spawn in , Make the gens and gate work, and add a minigame when the survivors get hooked, I want to make the hunter’s screen small , and i want to make a carry animation to hook the survivors because currently i can only kill them (They have 2 lives but i already added that). Can somone please help me?

Well you could have the hunter in a seperate room and teleport them there after a wire repeater pulse.


i don’t know how to do that lol its cuz im new and needed tutorials

I might be able to help, you will need
. zone
. trigger
. wire repeater
. some sort of barrier around the spawn

  1. make the zone as big as the barrier around the spawn

  2. when the player enters the zone, trigger the trigger (also make the delay on the trigger as much as you want)

  3. wire the trigger to the wire repeater

  4. wire the wire repeater to make all of the barriers disappear

(P.S. sadlly you can’t really stop them from spawning in without killing them and having them spawn at a checkpoint)


Thank you so much! it worked now i just need the hook minigame and need the gates to work!!

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Well Maybe there may be a camera view option for Scope But If I remember correctly I do not think so

Maybe add a barrier tint that only applies on the Hunters screen like lets say he is Kinda blind I think this may work

how would i do that tho

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you make barrier scope to team and just place a big old gray barrier over whole map

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