I'm trying to give all players an item with a item granter how?

so, I’m making a would you rather map and I’m trying to give all players as “markers” for red and blue side but how do I do that?

Use a waypoint and a team manager. That might work.

How do you want people to be displayed? Do you want an actual marker on them? Or do you want a representation of the team they are on?

so im saying as items for people to see how many people chose that ide

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Wait would you like to track each player or give each player a item?

Maybe use a starting inventory device so and set the item you want. Wait i dont think that will work

So you want to use the items as a representation of the side they chose?

so i have a buttons and if they choose that button they all players can see how many people clicked that button

Oh just wire the buttons to a counter with button clicked increment which will show how many clicked that button. (Make sure each button has it’s own counter)

An easier way to do this is through game overlays. The overlays track a property, which increases for every click. Then, you can have a reset button to have the property reset to 0.

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This person seems rather new so I doubt they can use properties yet.

You’re right, I’m just giving them more options.

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thats what im trying to do but i need it if one player choose that button everyone can see

Alright, just give me a second, I will show you what I mean

Oh use the way I said but add overlays on each corner of the screen saying (Blank) Team had (Blank) amount of players.

well im new to this forum but i made maps before

Well are you able to, if you are then go right ahead with that option.

also thank you counters seem like a good option