Im trying to create a "Contract" for my game but the Player's username is not showing up

Just need to know how to make it work…

Are you using the triggering player’s name block?

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Yeah, but it’s not showing up

Please send a screenshot so we can help.

Yes, what wingwave said. Use text and go to blocks. Create a new block and set text to words “players name” on and on.

Anythin wrong with this?

What triggers that to happen?

If you’re using a notification, use this:
(Replace the variable with text, or nothing at all)
Screenshot 2024-04-23 12.45.48 PM

Pop up running wire pulse

Get rid of the “create text with”. All you need is “set content” and “triggering players name”.
You only need to use “Create Text With” if you want to put together more than 1 item.

All you have to do is set header and context one of them players name then broadcast something, then in the notification or popup it then sends it and it has all of what you want to say, but the things need to also be in the create text with or it will get rid of the original text (not forever).

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