I'm stuck. What mechanics do I add to my RNG Game? (Making Sol's RNG part 6)

Yep. I’m back. I need ideas for mechanics to add to my rng game to make it more enjoyable.
Ideas i have:
showing your aura (gonna be hard to do)
increasing luck
items like coins and potions
aura storage.

any other ideas you guys have or any way you could help me do my ideas?


What kind of game is it? I’d like to know more details please.

Uhh shop to buy new luck glove?

What about the portal for extra luck?

I would say make a shop with a sentry, then you can buy luck potions and use them in your inventory, and you could have blocks somewhere where it tracks how many you drank, then increase the luck for more rare auras and decrease luck for the more common ones. that’s what I would do tho

Well, for the coins and potions those could easily be replaced by an item, but that is up to you.

Hmmm, and this might be a tiny bit memory draining depending on the amount of auras you have, but you could have a property for each aura. And use a button (TO show your aura) connected to a repeating trigger (this will be your storage) So basically what it does is continues checking which aura you have and sending a signal to activate it, you could make it track what item you have as well if you’re doing that.


i currently have items representing auras.

portal for extra luck :thinking: ?

It’s an rng game… the title says so.

did you add all the side quests? Stella? maybe add permanent lime as well?

I’m not sure if you’re gonna be able to show an aura that actually follows players.

Maybe in the future if coordinates are added, but otherwise I don’t see a way for that to happen.

For aura storage add an Overlay, when clicked adds a pop-up. Using a call to add “Aura Storage” and maybe “Stats”.

Aura Storage Blockcode

Create Text With “Amount Of Auras Owned”
-----------------------------“(PROPERTY THAT COUNTS AURAS)”

To list the auras you can use a bunch of call to actions and properties, to be a bit more memory efficient you can require players to earn auras in order, so when a player unlocks a new aura you can just use a block code to change the aura property by one aura.

For example..

Text Property = Rainbow Aura, Shadow Aura

When Yellow Aura is Unlocked:

Change Property = (AURA PROPERTY)
Text = Rainbow Aura, Shadow Aura, Yellow Aura

Did you add the biomes? That would be super cool!

Ah, I see, so when I get an aura, send a signal on a channel that increases that aura’s value by one? that’s gonna be a lot of properties…

I’m thinking about it. Only problem is that I would have to make different copies of the island for ALL of the biomes.

you could add a biomes update instead of adding it right away or slowly add it in?

I’ll probably add biomes to Era 2 (yes, I completely forgot to call them epochs instead of eras). However, if I want to make biome specific auras I’m gonna have to use a checker or something to known that the biome changed.

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there could be a trigger at spawn in each biome with their own block code each. The block code would set the “biomenum” property to whatever number is attached to that biome. Then you could use a checker that checks for the property number or something like that.

did u add the green aura that gives u luck?
it’s the one at the end of the parkour

oh yeah. totally forgot about the luck blessing lol

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no. I made the game top-down. should i scrap the current build in favor of a platformer?

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