Im sorry that i lied,

This is sadly false imformation, just read the TOS.

Yes, i am new here.


welcome to the forum.

you have joined the never ending growing group of gimkitters

what do you mean every one does it… now it is just considered, " Normal "

Really? i didnt know that

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just like pickleball is the fastest growing sport in america, especially among our gen (gen z).

It’s fine! art-request is where they are mostly at…

@LumpyDump 's got a point in the thumbnail requests thing though… it’s technically a norm now, and some don’t like that.


oh then i think i didnt mean to add that then. Sorry!

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The forums are for GKC. Not for Discourse.
please mark a solution

Just keep it. Trust me.

i know its just that its for people who just started using gimkit forums

ok i will keep it i guess

forum-tips forum-beginners

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when i started almost a year ago, i never asked for a thumbnail cuz i didn’t know gkc wuz even there yet.

Welcome @lumpydump

Shouldn’t this be a guide… then…?

lowercase letters work, but other symbols don’t…

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We should stay on topic!

Thing is, this is too short to be a guide. People might flag this.

I don’t see the need for this post. Thumbnails are allowed so that is false and you just j0ined. Please don’t go around giving info for new people when you are yourself. Please read the FAQ, TOS, and ask around for info that is not on those documents. Plus this is to short to be a guide.