Im new here and i need help

Hello everyone im new here but i’ve been playing GIMKIT for a long time and i just wanted to say hello to everybody

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Hello, welcome to the forum :DD Make sure to only post gimkit creative-related things next time, but I appreciate your greeting! I hope you enjoy your experience within this forum!

Welcome to the community @JJpartyboss! Just to inform you a bit about this forum, it is strictly for Gimkit Creative ideas, questions, and help. And to get you started I recomend reading the FAQ and the “Greetings” Message from Discobot. Let me know if you have any questions, but otherwise feel free to look around.


Welcome to the GKC server! This is usually for Gimkit Creative stuff only, so keep that in mind! I hope you learn a lot and have fun, both on the forums and in GKC!

welcome to the party @JJpartyboss! HOPE YOU ENJOY THE FORUM

sorry, accidentally clicked caps lock.

Welcome to the forums @JJpartyboss

Welcome to the forums @JJpartyboss hope you find all the help you need.

Welcome to the forums! Hope you learn a lot!

Hello, and welcome to the GKC Forums, @JJpartyboss! Make sure to read the community guidelines and FAQ. Some tags that will help you are the new-user-must-read and forum-tips tags! Hope this place treats you well, and have a great day/night or whatever!

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Welcome, but please, the forums aren’t as nice about this stuff.

Can i ask you, are you new here i can help you get on a game

never mind i think your not new

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