Im making this changing ending

I want my game to have multiple endings and it can change, I want one ending to say “you drowned” and another ending saying “YOU ESCAPED!” how do i do that, is it even possible

This is possible. Can you tell what your current system is?

what does system mean in the way your using it

Well, how does your game work?

u can use a pop-up so when pop-up closed end game

Its like a tiny lake and when you step in it you get teleported to a place thats just water, giving the illusion that you fell in the lake and you have to find a teleporter out of it, and after 5 seconds if your not out you die

I guess you could use a counter to count the time they are underwater and you can hook that up to a pop-up then they close that then the game ends…

Do you mean after the game ended?