I'm making super gim bros and i need help

ok I am going to build this game from the ground up starting now so this is what it is, it is a fighting game where the fighters are real Gimkit players that can be you or me so I need your help on some characters I am only excepting the first 10 people until I finished with that I will ask again so type your username your Gim skin your weapon and what your 3 abilities are

Hmm… You could have Doug. They have a Pickaxe that does high melee damage. They could also place blocks and have an ability to move faster for a few seconds.

sry but I need real people as in like for in example I would add meepyeygamer567 as a character for the game

Name: Chrys
Gim: Carver (if possible) if not, Chompz Stume
Weapon: snowball launcher (rare)
ability: Deals 1 damage to all players in a zone next to him every second


sounds good Ill add it

Gim: Stache
Weapon: Slingshot (Epic)
ability 1: can summon sentries throughout the map
ability 2: can make other people locked in a room for 15 seconds
ability 3: can propel forwards at 4k speed for 0.2 seconds 5 times.


interesting ill add it

so we have 3 people so far

Name: Kosm0-o
Gim: Riff, Sketch, or the Experiment
Weapon: Blaster (epic)
Abilities (passive ability is chosen by player):

  • Passive 1: Healing Regen when gadget hasnt been used for 3 seconds or more. Ultimate Passive: if gadget hasnt been used for more than 10/15 seconds, recover all health and get a 1.2x damage boost for 30 seconds.
  • Passive 2: Soul Fracture [Hollow Knight?!]; The souls of other players are taken/stolen when damaged. If other players lose all their soul , then they get eliminated. Soul = 1/2 hp. If soul is not taken within 2 seconds of last soul hit then player soul resets. Ultimate Passive: Player turns soul into life force(hp). If shield and health is full, then it is converted into speed and/or damage boosts (permanent).
  • Main: Mega Lags other players for 15 seconds. Cooldown: 60 seconds
  • Charged (player can use the ability after dealing x damage and then it resets): All other players get their hp cut down. This is randomized and the options are a) 1/2 b) 1/4 c) 7/8 or d) 1/10
    Make sure that it is random for each player affected.

Name: HP7

Toasty riff gim with an epic evil eye
Moves at 2.0 speed
Can create a sentry that is on its team and all other players have to defeat it but the cooldown is 45 seconds
Can go invisible for 30 seconds every 90 seconds

Name: Bob McBobston
Gim: Captain Buck
Weapon: Pickaxe

  1. Damage x1.5 for 1 minute seven times
  2. can add dynamic ores such as gold diamond or ruby to the inventory
  3. Moves 1.25x faster
  4. Health +5/sec

Weapon:Quantuam portal(Common)
Ability 1:Heals 1 hp(Health) per second.
Ability 2:Can make others slower(0.75) for 3 seconds with a 10 second cooldown.
Ability 3:Can reveal the location of a random player(Using a waypoint and a relay device) for 10 seconds with a cooldown of 20 seconds.

name: IRE
gim: chompz or chompz costume
Weapon: Quantum portal (epic)
IRE: Sucks health from all players, this ability is done when a player is knocked out by IRE(the screen is filled by a 0.3 transparent purple barrier for 3 seconds)
ULTIMATE IRE: When streak is at 5, a popup says START THE IRE and all other players are respawned 5 times, the screen is filled by a 0.8 alpha purple barrier (make sure the barrier is above the players)
FORCE OF IRE: 5 sentries with chompz costume skins are spawned(they don’t respawn after being knocked out) And damage is increased to 2x for 10 seconds(I guess that doesn’t matter because the player already has an epic quantum portal?). This happens when streak is at 3.

side effects: speed is 0.8x

Gimkit skin: pink axolotl if possible
Weapon: Quantum portal
Nearly invincible
Goes unviable or camofladge sometimes

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Name: Cardebm
Gimkit skin: peaceful morning
Weapon: snowball launcher
Abilities: really Fast fire rate, double damage and regenerates health

Are we allowed to add different people? If so:

Name: Meme_master

Gimkit skin: Glass half full

Weapon: slingshot- rare

Ability: able to make a “emerald” generator (green seed generator) on a very specific place. Once they get 20 “emeralds” they can buy a blaster called the “headhunter” that gives them a damage boost too.
(the generator produces 1 green seed every 5 seconds)

(Aw man my doesn’t get put off in the game :sob:)

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@Matheas This is very similar to a post I did! You can use some of mine for inspiration.

Please do not copy the characters from my post, because I have them in my game, but you can get ideas based off of them.

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Name: GimGuy

Skin: Day One, Stache

Weapon: Zapper

Ability: “Beginning Up: Start From Common Weapon, And Every Fifteen Seconds, Weapon Tier Increases Until Legendary. When Knocked Out, Restart Chain”

Ability: Beginning To Back: When You Respawn, You Have Five Seconds Where You Are Immortal (Infinite Regen) And Can Do WHatever You Want Before Being Teleported Back To Spawn

Ability: Begin At The End: When You Respawn, You Have A Choice To Spawn Close To Where You Fell (Coordinate Grid)

Advantages: Lots Of Health

Disadvantages: Basic Stats, Aside From 1.2X Speed.

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Name: CEO
Skin: Stache
Ability: able to send guards.
Weapon: Blaster (Legendary)

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Name: Slim

Skin: Fraise

Ability: Hurry Up!
Every time you get a knockout you get faster but deal less damage. If you get knocked out, you reset to slow and dealing more damage.

Weapon: I don’t care. You can choose.

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