I'm Making Dark Souls III And I Need Help With It

I’m Making Dark Souls III And I Need Help With It! I need help making the rest of the game! If you play Dark Souls III, Great! You can help!

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What do you need help with?

We can only help if you give us more info on what you have done, are trying to do, still haven’t finished, and having issues with.

Making Foot Of The High Wall And Farron Keep

I can’t make the whole thing cause I have School

go to gimkit! Please… I want to show you my creation

sorry no codes aloud.

Im sorry I just wanna show the progress

Sorry I cant do that

I’m whitelisted Kinda

Can you edit the code out?

Maybe! But I don’t Know how to do that

delete the post.

go onto the 3 dots and click edit or delete.

But… But… Fine! OK I will

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Click the three dots under the post

And then click the pencil.

@Gizmo2.0 Please follow me in the gimkit

Delete the quote.

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Hes in my Gimkit Dude

yeah but the quote has the code and codes are not allowed on the form.