I'm making a pvz on gimkit map and how do i make money fall from the sky

secoundary problem can i make the weapons snap to a grid area (for PLAYING not for editing.)

You can’t make money fall from the sky but you can have random loot crate spawning. check out other guides for that!

Yes, this is possible, but it won’t be high quality. Your gonna have to make them spawn in the square. Is that ok?

If so, you can use triggers and randomizers! Heres a guide for it.

can i at least make the money appear after a specific amount of time

Yep, using a trigger!

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just have a counter count up to that specific amount of time using wire repeater/trigger loops and make the money appear after the counter reaches target value. You could also use item spawner delay settings.

okay ima try and make the money work still feel free to help while im gone

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For the 2nd question, you could go into editing and turn on Snap, then place ‘buy’ buttons on the map, if that isn’t what you already are doing.

i’m talking about gameplay tho

That is the gameplay. You can place buttons on every block.

is it a platformer? if so it’s possible i think

ooooooh now i see what your saying

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no it is not

oh nvm then