I'm Making a One way out type thing and I need your help on a thumbnail

Can I share what I have right now on my map

  • Yes
  • No
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Yes, but just don’t advertise.

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@th3_ca1tsune I just want to know what the thumbnail should look like

How can I do put it in

screenshot some of your map

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First to last is the order from start to finish.

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I can make a thumbnail, Juicce to the rescue!

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@JUICCE_YAHR Thanks That would be nice

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Here it is


(uhhh now that I look at it, mines kinda sad looking lol)

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@JUICCE_YAHR I like it and appreciate it but I want more of a arena type vibe then a jail but it may go well for prison escape :slightly_smiling_face:

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Any one willing to make me one can but I can just do it myself not trying to be rude

Also did I play to much I got to level 181 last season (season 2) did I play to much

I can make one just let me know if you like my style. If so use this format.

previously made ones

  • Thumbnail format


Main Gim:

Background:(just find a picture or describe it.)

other details:

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I got to 170 so I wouldn’t say so.

They are nice, so yes

Topic: One way out

Main Gim: you pick

Background: any of the pics up there or I can find a different one

Other: what you think is fine

any one in to it. if you are thanks

Still need help with a thumbnail

I can help
Other thumbnails I made before

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