Im making a murder mystery pls help

so in this Gimkit I’m making you spawn as different people (and each person is like a team if that makes sense) Ex: Team 1 is Mrs. Clementine and each person when they spawn in they get a popups that describes which character they are. So I have all that worked out but a random player is also selected the be the killer and they get a popup too

So, my problem is that only one of the popups show up when your the killer. Like if your Mr.Wolfe and also the killer, only the killer popup shows, no the Mr. Wolfe one. So how do I make 2 popups show?

(Something to know, the killer isn’t exclusively one person, it changes every round)

I think that the problem is that you can’t have 2 popups at once so you will have to do:
2 popups wire to each other

You can use two relays and make one random player then connect that to a relay that says all other players, that might work or just put a delay on the killer popup

make the random player thing trigger when they close the first popup

But then each time somebody closes the popup then it picks a random player

okay I’ve already tried that but the thing is, I’d have to do it with all of them because who’s the killer is random so…


in between the popup and the thing that triggers the popup (probably a relay to pick random) place a wire repeater with a delay of 10-30 seconds then after everyone closes the popups (hopefully) it’ll show. It’s kind of a tricky problem to solve lol let me know if it works


It works! Thank you so much, I was like so lost.

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Yup your welcome! I didn’t know if it would work or not…

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