I'm making a multiplayer sandbox survival w/ a friend. Anyway to make a thing to mark certain points?

Like in Fortnite, you can ping a location and it shows up for the rest of the team. I think I have an idea, but if anyone can make this functional, please do.

Game Overlay, Colored Waypoint, Location, something

I need help

You can use a waypoint to mark out a location/person.

I tinkered a bit:

Here’s what I got
You probably would want a bigger main land I just made the mainland miniature so it could fit in the picture.
Waypoint won’t be active when game starts so make it
button-pressed activate waypoint.


Button pressed activate the waypoint that has the settings to track a player

Anyway to color them?

Isn’t there some kind of text color for the waypoint or am i just messing it up no wait you can do that there is a color thing to change the text

thanks for replying!

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Problem, I want it to activate the Waypoint the the player’s current location

yeah it would be best to have waypoints. but i think that you can use new devices to move the waypoint

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Make a button that when it is pressed it broadcast on channel “button pressed”
and then make a waypoint with these settings:

You can change the name the color of the text´and the name of the waypoint can be changed to whatever you want. And then create a trigger with these settings:

And thats it you are done!!

Game overlay button?

its a trigger.

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