I'm making a Hide n' Seek game

I am trying to make a game of hide and seek, but I don’t want the seeker to be able to see clearly. Is it possible to make a range of limited vision using the Camera View? I am imagining something like the seeker can only see for a meter or two, and everything else is black.

you could do that, but it could be very tiring, since you have to put zones all over the map

but for making everything else black, that might not be possible…

ok, but then then what do you mean by putting zones all over?

this could be done, but it would take a lot of barrier (device) and zones. Put zones all over the map, (the bigger they are, the less accurate they are but the less memory they use. Put Black Barriers around the same size all around the map, and make sure they are in a layer above the people. Then, for every zone, wire it to the barrier that is on top of it,

Player enters zone → Deactivate Barrier
Player leaves zone → Activate Barrier.

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thanks! i just joined and was really liking an idea like this

One thing, you need to put a solution.

do you mean like you could make a zone that you can only see in?

like the Camera View device?

there is a device called a zone

Hmm, when I look at the zone there is nothing about how far you can see…

you would wire it to barrier to do that

Devices needed:
Lifecycle x1
Relay x1
Trigger x1
Checker x1
lots of zones
lots of barriers

Take the lifecycle and make it’s event game start. Take the relay and make it relay to all players on a specific team (the seekers team). Then wire these together like this:

Event occurs → Relay

Wire the relay to a trigger so
When relay → trigger

Go into the trigger’s blocks and put block code like this:

Zone and Barrier Steps

Place down all of your zones and all of your barriers on however much of the map you use. Make the zones and the barriers the same size. Make sure the barriers are in a layer above the people. Wire the zones to a checker like this:

Player enters zone → Check

Make the checker check if the amount of property (make it property Team 1 (Seeker) or whatever you put in your blocks) is equal to one. Then wire it to the barrier like this:

Check passes → Activate Barrier
Check fails → Deactivate Barrier

Then wire the zone to the barrier like this:

Player leaves zone → Deactivate Barrier

Do the steps in the dropdown for every zone and barrier you use, but you can use the same checker.

This will take up a lot of memory if your map is big

for the limited view thing you’ll want to cover your map with zones and pitch black barriers with no collision the same size

Ok, thanks! I will definitely try that.

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Oh and what does block code WIP mean? I’m new to block coding.

Work in Progress, sorry, i was just saying that i wasn’t done with the post, i just accidently posted it. The full instructions are above