I'm doing a vote

Yesss! I love Harry Potter!

PLZZZZZZZZZZ do minecraft

Yesss! Good luck making it! Feel free to ask for my help, since I’m pretty much in the forums most of the day (I have way too much free time once I finish my school work).

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Will do β€˜β€™β€˜β€™β€˜β€™β€˜β€™β€˜β€™β€˜β€™β€˜β€™β€˜β€™β€˜β€™β€˜β€™β€˜β€™β€˜β€™β€˜β€™β€˜β€™β€˜β€™

I will do a minecraft one after this one

do harry potter just because there is alot of games already out there doesnt mean that a gimkit gamemode is bad


Harry potter already won

I chose Harry Potter cuz I’m making Minecraft and also i love harry potter

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I think Harry Potter is a great idea…i bet if you published on Gimkit discovery it’d be the most popular within a week