I'm confused I need help

Sadly I’m still on my laser problem that I needed help on and I was confused what the scope does

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scope hmm if it is player it works for different players

team it works for different teams and it is particular for each team

Scope is about for which players it applies to. Which setting in particular are you talking about? A screenshot would help.

global it works the same for all players

how do I select specific players

select scope to player

There are three scopes. Player, global, and team. If you set it to player, it only changes it for 1 player. If it is team, it changes it for the triggering players team. Global is that it changes it for everyone

Hope this helped!

but is it possible to select a player

yea set scope to player

or are u talking to do it for a random player???

What im tring to do here is to make a door that only one person can get through but the others will respawn bc of the laser or maybe a zone to a damage dealer?

the person who goes into the zone and spends the money to buy the door will be immune to the laser

okay so get a vending machine

get your item and wire vending machine to laser(item purchased-deactivate laser)

and laser active scope is player

so the laser will do damage on the start?


Well, yes, you said that players will have to buy the door.

Set the laser to player scoped, and when thing bought at vending machine, it deactivates the laser.