Im confused again. Eggnoodle's Voting

ah oops i forgot and I just looked through that tutorial? did you already try to do what he did and it didn’t work(if you just didn’t just do everything he said no questions asked and see if it works ALMOST ALWAYS works for me)

I did i just want to know what the checking blocks look like with 10 teams

Ok so what I would do is change the max number of teams(which you already did) add more property steps for each team(which you might of done) and I would add each if else situation for each team so that it will apply to more of them(kinda confusing ik) just repeat what he did and account for the new teams and properties. (lots of words)

I did that but it didn’t work.

uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh show me your block code

So i did this

I was communicating with Eggnoodle and sent him that, then he said that was wrong and told me to do this⬇️

So i did and i asked him what was next and he said follow Blackhole’s post.
It looked like Teapot’s post in my other help topic:“Block Code help”
And I don’t know how to combine the two. Also Eggnoodle stopped replying to me after that. I know its a lot.

He’s not wrong he is doing it right anyways I can’t help anymore I am signing off just keep contacting egg noddle

Ok bye. I wont mark a soultion though. I think @EggNoodle is off-line. So this will wait for him.

Also, you could message him in the gimkit discord @Magenta_Dragon.
He’s quite active there.

Ok thanks i think I will do that tommorow. (I still haven’t joined the Gimcord)

Um, I don’t think you should use Eggnoodle’s system since it is a brute-force method which doesn’t scale really well with more players. (since his system checks all possibilities rather than a faster approach)

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Are you sure? I think it would work. Maybe. If it doesn’t do you know a better way of checking? (10 properties)

I was thinking of checking the highest value if highest, set tie to false, else if equal to highest, set tie to true, which after checking all indexes are cleared then broadcast results, then in the broadcast results blockcode, you would see if tie is set to false, if it is then broadcast a message that will vote out the player id with the highest amount of votes. (this is in my previous post, highestname should = a player id and a little tinkering to my original blockcode)
PS: if you need any pictures I can make some tomorrow.


When it comes to blocks i kinda need pics. If you would be so kind to send some pics over it would be highly appreciated. Thanks for helping me.

Please ask for help in the original post as making extra posts causes clutter.

Since I believe you don’t have any player ID’s I will give you a basic way to record player ID’s

Make something similar to this: Player ID's (Difficulty 5/10 🟨),
The layout should look like this (Player ID and Player ID_Index are number properties):

Create some more properties named Player Name and PlayerVotedOut, Player Name should be scoped to player and PlayerVotedOut should be scoped to global, Player Name should be text properties:
Screenshot 2023-11-13 8.50.11 AM
The trigger’s blockcode should be modified to this from getrithed’s guide:
Screenshot 2023-11-13 8.53.06 AM

Now on creating who is getting voted out:

Add these properties: (the notification device is just the blockcode device needed later on, could be any blockcode device):

num of numbered properties should be set to 10 since you are counting 10 players, p1#votes should be extended to 10 rather than up to 3 since you have 10 players and isTie? is a boolean true/false property, everything other than PlayerName and PlayerID should be set to global and everything except PlayerName, PlayerVotedOut, highestname and isTie? should be set to a number property.
Now modify my previous blockcode from the blockcode device from this:

To this:

Now create another block that activates on receiving “Send Vote Results” and add this:

Make the end vote channel end the vote gui or teleport them out of the voting area, make sure that the “PlayerID” property and “isEliminated” channels are available, you can do this by adding channels named 1isEliminated, 2isEliminated, 3isEliminated, etc, etc so that when you call on them, you eliminate the player when their ID is called, you can also use the PlayerVotedOut property for telling who is getting voted out.

Hope this helps!

Btw: this is a modification to The Ritheked Version of Voting 2.0 (Difficulty 🟪) but as a more raw block-code to the property version with How to make lists | TUTORIAL | Difficulty: 🟨 implemented.

I couldn’t because it was closed off.

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Thank you! I am going to keep this open for a bit longer if I have any questions after implemanting it.

Hey @Magenta_Dragon. Sorry I kept you waiting. When you first asked for help in the block code nearly a month ago, I checked back on the guide and realized it wasn’t the most efficient way to check voting results. I did link you to one of Blackhole’s posts as a alternative way to do it, but I guess you were having trouble trying to follow the posts. I was less active recently, so I didn’t know you needed more help until I checked the forums today. As of right now, I currently don’t know how to efficiently do this and I’m also busy working on other stuff at school so not sure if I have time to figure out the solution. Thanks for your patience though!

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