If Someone Gets Knocked Out Three Times They Respawn at One Location

How do I make a spawn point where if someone gets knocked out 3 times they will spawn at one spawner

Counter, respawn and ko manager.
KO Manager —> Increment Counter (Reach 3) --------> Respawn or Checkpoint

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(Knockout Manager) Target Knocked Out --> (Counter) Increment Counter

(Counter) Target Value Reached --> (Teleporter) Teleport Player Here

You can also do this with checkpoints (make sure the counter’s target is 2 so they’ll respawn at the checkpoint on the third death)


It doesn’t work, I added a trigger to then (Knockout Manager) Target Knocked Out → (Trigger) Trigger (Trigger) Trigger → (Counter) Increment Counter. But when I get knocked out it doesn’t add to the counter but when I step on the trigger it adds to the counter (something is wrong with the Knockout Manager)

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That’s weird, what’s the Target of the Knockout Manager?
(Also, did you make sure you actually got knocked out and didn’t just respawn?)

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The target is player and I got knocked out by a sentry is that counts

Use a lifecycle instead

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