Idk if this is a bug or what

So I had a property that updated via trigger when receiving on “Alive” (It updated to one)
I had a checker that compared if the property was equal to one. I had it hooked up so that if the check failed player respawned. I had no other team switchers or other things that could kill a gim. Please help. (P.S. It also seems to be failing to fetch any number value including variables in block code)

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Please help

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Did you use the Respawn Device?
Is your property numerical?

2: Variables and Properties are different.
If you try to do something to a variable, it won’t do it to a property.

3: What are you trying to make?

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I know number 2, I used the respawn device and my property is numerical, I have zones that broadcast “alive” when somebody walks into them and I know they work. (By failing to fetch a variable I mean it won’t broadcast on a channel if for example, If I do this: BROADCAST ON CHANNEL > VALUE [COLOR] )

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I need to go but I will check back tomorrow

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hello, anybody?

Nevermind, I realized that it set the property to -1 at the start.

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