Ideas & Suggestions

I’m Making some progress on My map, and Here’s the hub!-

If you have anymore Ideas, please tell Me!-

this is a showcase, please delete this

That looks good, but what do you need help with?

Jinx @DXCTYPE, @chrysostom, and @Car189

do you need any help?
if not this is very off topic and gamecodes aren’t allowed

Nice! :smile:

I need ideas, forgor to put that.

If you could provide detail on the map that would help.

What’s the goal?

To make a Dungeon crawler

please dont ping anyone unless you need help

it annoys me

(I don’t know about Chrysostom or car189)

Pinging is also to get someone’s attention… not just asking for help-

@MARX , you could add some spiderwebs around the corners of the map with tiny spiders, you could also maybe add a npc that tells you what the theme of the game is and how to play.
(Im short on ideas today…sorry I couldn’t help out more xd)

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Ok well judgeing by the pictue of the map it seems that you haven’t started on anything else yet, so I’ll just rate in a way like so…

What is good:

  • Decoration
  • The candles on the table are too square
  • The text font

What could be better:

  • The interaction
  • The big open random space
  • The information provided on this topic

(Sorry, didn’t know you didn’t like pings in that way, DXCTYPE)

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Thanks. I couldn’t find the spider webs in the prop section though… And I was also gonna try to have the second table be a “How To Play” table.

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I wish there was a prop for spider webs, lol.
There are guides on how to make spider webs with metal poles (I think)… that was what I was implying; sorry for being unclear :disappointed:

thats not a showcase, he wants ideas.


oh yeah sorry

there isn’t a gamecode

Changed title to avoid confusion.
@yaypoke624x There was, until they edited the topic.

whats the game about?

the original image has one