Ideas please Give Me Ideas

Why do lots of people delete their posts right after posting them?

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Graphing Calculator!

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how does a graphing calculator even work?

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Use recursion to draw the x and y axis.

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tic tac toe, connect 4, candy land, monopoly, amongus, farming game…

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Make a hunting game where everyone hunts down a single player


A game inspired by Mario Galaxy minus the controls.

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Make a maze that changes as you walk through it. Add enemies and puzzles and other stuff.
You could also make an escape room type thing.

I made a tutorial for an invisible maze that changes as you walk through it.

make a post-apocalyptic wasteland where the plants have taken over, and if you want help please feel free to send me the link!

That was 2 months ago, and links are not allowed…

ohhhhh so how’d it go?

hi! what’s up! do u like it so far?