Ideas On Help On Among Us Skeld

I Need Help On My Among Us, Any Ideas?

You can add shops that players can buy from like cafes, bakeries, and other shops. You can also add some secret tunnels, or easter eggs, or houses.
It really depends on your map.

This guide has some more ideas, if you want to take a look.

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Maybe add a secret boss fight that gives you money or something

You might want to add buildings that your players can interact with. (Do stuff inside like purchasing, etc.)

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how about a MC Donald’s

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Maybe a trading sentry in an alley or shop, and restaurant that regenerates health, and a bank that you can rob or use.


Make a side quest to take down the mafia

Also make purchasable apartments with beds that can heal you, and that have cool and fun ascetics for the players to enjoy

To expand, maybe a mafia path and a government path?

Is car

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