Ideas on a water gun pool party gimkit

Please post the code here so you don’t get flagged.

i signed up for it @UnityHavoc are all yall on here

Ok, now you just have to post the code (on the wix) and we can help :grin:

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@CringeKarlScott hey can you let me in to the chat please @UnityHavoc

oh yeah, i forgot you have to get accepted, just wait a bit and you’ll be let in, unfortunately, I cant let you in myself as I am not an mod or anything like that.

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@UnityHavoc can you tell please @CringeKarlScott

i dont really know who that is sorry

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and they can shoot water-drops

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this never existed oooooooo… veri scary

im gonna delete this soon just in case cause I don’t think it breaks TOS but I’m not sure.

You shouldn’t bother CringeKarlScott. He’s mainly in retirement and may not get your pings.

Good luck making the game! The idea intrigues me.

sent delete it now please

i cant see it, try posting email so I can send a message just in case.

@UnityHavoc it is blocking it

Whats blocking what?

your school is blocking

use this please @UnityHavoc

Oh. ok then i guess my email wont work then.

just reply if you are on

are you on yet @UnityHavoc