Ideas on a water gun pool party gimkit

what do i add to this gimkit

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Oops, your not new, sorry

Maybe a basketball court for an outline of a pool? You should add a slide and some floats.

Add refill stations where you get more ammo (water obviously)

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good ideas i will do all

Maybe use a zapper - the projectiles look like water drops (somewhat)

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You could add a hut, or an area where they can recharge. Good idea @UnityHavoc

Add a secret spot behind a waterfall near a pool where you can get a secret weapon (make sure not to make it too op or easy to find)

Or use lasers that are blue for squirts

these are amazing ideas guys

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i will give @UnityHavoc @GimNerd22 @Car189 @Artemis all a sponser in the make

you should add a sniper of sorts in the game if you can, 1 ammo, but high range, speed, and damage (maybe this could be said weapon behind the waterfall?)

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i will not take no for a answer for who want it or not

Thanks so Much! @KingVon1

Although I didn’t really contribute…

omg @UnityHavoc that is a very amazing idea

I have the perfect idea. Sprinklers. They can be bought and once you do, they start spurting water out at other players. (ps, just use a sentry and a guide on how to make a turret)

@UnityHavoc @GimNerd22 @Car189 @Artemis yall can help me if yall want to

Thank You!