Ideas needed pls help

The dilemma was solved, I’m gonna keep working on the my minigame game but I don’t have good ideas. I’ve looked around the forums for a bit but haven’t found a game that I like. I would like games that have randomness unlike tic tac toe because that gets repetitive. I would like a game that people would enjoy and play without getting bored because I have that feeling a lot. Could u guys help me brainstorm some ideas?

I would change the title to Ideas and add a idea tag

I added this to ideas

So you don’t want a game that’s repetitive?
I was thinking of a grind tycoon not rlly a mini game

I currently have a death run, only two maps :confused: should I add gadgets to make the game more fun and like wild cards to add a random feature to it?

I find tycoons quite repetitive because its just make money spend money on upgrades (in my opinion)

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I know so you don’t want it to be repetitive?

You could create a mission game. A single player game where your player must complete an objective to win.

To stop repetitiveness, you could do a random disaster that happens every time, with different maps. So you could have the most random thing of a sentry invasion invading your house while a house fire burns your home down with a tsunami coming close to your location. (cough cough idea from Roblox game)

So maybe you could have a Random Disasters Survival game?

Great idea… but how would that work?

Integers! Randomized. Use a basic randomizer, and whatever it chooses, is corresponded to a disaster. First you can do a 1/10 integer to choose from 1, to 3 disasters.

1 can have 70% chance, 2 with 20%, and 3 with 10%.
Make each have their same disasters, but it just repeats stuff 3 times.

We can even make an intermission/lobby place.

That might be really complicated though, and will take lots of work and many sources.