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I’m making a new game and I need an idea. Please don’t link me to an ideas post, I want to see ORIGINAL IDEAS.

Look at my death quiz idea. I haven’t made one yet, I just knew the mechanics. If you don’t like that, maybe some sort of Trap Maze?

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Here are some of my personal ideas:

  • Role-play. Maybe some city-business or cops and robbers. This could be expanded on greatly.
  • Carnival. You could add lots of minigames or little ideas you’ve had that you’ve never been able to use. Here they can be added!
  • Dungeon Crawler. You could create a large quest with lots of mini-ideas as well. Very expandable with multiplayer modes.
  • Survival or Infection. You could have one (or more, your choice) to be the “survivors” and the rest would try to hunt them down.
  • Team Rumble and/or Team Deathmatch. Able to choose your own teams (that would be fun to create) and have a showdown!
  • Hangout. You could just have a map to chill and have fun, loaded with minigames (sort of like the carnival, but less hostile). Keep it nice and chill.
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