IDEAS NEEDED. New GKC hunter game

I need an idea for the hunters house/cabin

What do you mean by “hunters house/cabin?”

I second. Doesn’t make sense.

@Bookwyrm703 , clarify specifically what you want. Also, @SillySeth14 , you might want to change your PFP…

Why? What’s wrong with it?

the thing in the mouth with stuff coming out

Like this.


A woodsy cabin type thing. Not this complicated obviously but, like out of props.

Just a simple lil’ cabin in the woods.
I said hunters caning because that’s just who it belongs to, sorry about that

Also if I mark ur thing as solution, please also say if you want ur name/nickname in the credits.


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Err, puff puff? Cough cough? Bad life choices if you do it?

A name? well how about the… out of context that sounds bad… lets try Trappers Keep

Off Topic Question

BTW I just got unbanned, are rants allowed as long as they are GKC related?

Sorry, forgot. It’s an inside joke with my friends. I’ll edit it out later

No, I’m good. I didn’t do much.

Ok, I am making it right now. Anything specific?


since it is a hunter house, maybe add like a head of a deer? (it might be kinda gory, maybe)

Yes. Also i still need some designs for the outside.

Thank you @MirMirCreates