Ideas, ideas, and more ideas

if it’s been said already, i don’t wanna hear it again.
that is, if you really think it’s really good.

This time, I’ve got a little basis to get you started. I’d like an idea for a skill-based game. Those skills should be improvable, like aim or movement, not things like muscle memory.

lets see the creativity and uniqueness and zestiness of the forums!!


umm… Make a game where you have a product that you can customize, such as shoes, and depending on what you make, your product sells better or worse. You could different bars to show what people want. This would be a good game, but very hard to make.

What about a dice rolling game? You can pick the number of dice you roll, but the less dice you have, the higher the max on the die is. Or what about a platformer where you have to take out a certain number of enemies to win, but every KO decreases your speed?


Maybe a duel game where you face off against a sentry, Wild West style, where something counts down until both of you get a weapon, and whoever fires first wins. You both have one health, and using something like an exp system to gradually increase the skill level. When you get hit, you lose your streak. Maybe you could also add something more, like it moves randomly around a tight coordinate grid so you might try to hit it but it teleports away to a different ledge.

In terms of skill based, maybe a timing jump game if it is a platformer, speed building, juggling multiple abilities with the reload keybinds, etc.

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Idk if it’s said already, but a dropper would be skill-based. Basically the player is at 5x speed or something and has to dodge all the platforms and lasers by moving while falling

kinda like a tycoon game. I was planning on making one. Thanks for an additional idea to that (and for remembering that idea from a while ago)! But it’s got less skill in it.

that’s more luck

that’s not a bad idea. I like this. Could add a bounty system and all that jazz, too.

this seems more like a minigame, but not a bad one

aah keybindings aah amazing plus i can add this to clicclacs idea

I’m just going to say this here and now. I don’t like droppers. Especially since we can’t slow it down for a tutorial.

Now these are the types of ideas I’m looking for! Now we’re cookin’!


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