Ideas from powers for my game

I need 1 more power. so far I have speed, attack boost, and siphon.

Spatial distortion. Make it so that if your “gauge” is filled, you can teleport to any major area.

kill all (that’s too over powered)

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invsabillity, disable enemy make them stop moving, random telportation, healer/buffer (idk about one)

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sum like god mode :> (theres is a way to get god mode i think)

How do you make someone invisable?

there are invabits like in tag or flag either one there in coding

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how about regeneration make it heal you repeatedly

I know but you can’t use those in creative

oh sorry… maybe make them have a special weapon for a min

here’s an idea how about you rename the quantum portal the void strike

Hmm i need more ideas

summon help spell could be one

or a speed debuf spell to slow down enemies

or a spell that takes away enemy weapons for a while

okay im back how about freeze time so make everyone stop moving like bravley default (i know its not turn based) or make someone turn the map dark fro everyone but them like amoung us (i know couldn’t find anything to compare other than this cringe)

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